Tao Tie The Evil Creature Terra Fantasy Hydroponic Planter


Tao Tie is the first release of our Terra Fantasy Hyrdoponic Terra Planter Series.

Apart from protectors and god-like creatures, there are also evil-beings in Chinese myths. Tao Tie 饕餮 is one of them, which is is the symbol of greed.  

As described in Shan Hai Jing 山海经 (the Classic of Mountains and Seas), Tao Tie features a sheep’s body, tiger’s teeth and human face and hands. Its eyes are hidden under his armpits. It has baby’s voice, yet it eats humans.

And in folk stories, Tao Tie eats everything. The monster is so greedy that it even eats its own body. Therefore, the patterns of Tao Tie are often found in ancient cooking vessels, yet only with its head. In Chinese, Tao Tie Shengyan饕餮盛宴, or a feast for Tao Tie, is often used in Chinese to indicate an extraordinarily grand banquet with delicious food.

The monster in Zhang Yimou’s recent movie “The Great Wall” (2016)was created based on the legendary Tao Tie.

With the inspiration some hydroponic prodcust and our years work relating to Chinese cultrual products including the Qin Dynasty Black Terra Reborn series, the team committed to develope a series of hydroponic home gardening products with Chinese cultural components.  We hope our products can be a carrier of Chinese culture while it providing everyone in the world a plaform to show their creativity and unique passion of home gardening.

We are working on the mold and we hope to receive pre sales orders from you, if you like our idea. Pre sale price is USD50, which is half price of future retail price. Shipping cost is extra.  The products weight shall be 3-4 kg so the EMS cost to most place in the world shall be USD40.  We are not sure if that is sufficent but we would take the risk.

Delivery no later than Jun 2022.  Planned quantity is 2000

The chance of failure is very slim as our team have been successufl on Qin Dynasty Black Terra Reborn series, as you can see from our web.