TOLERANCE IS AGREEABLE - Black Terra Reborn Series - Qin Daynasty


TOLERANCE IS AGREEABLE is one of Haifeng's master piece in his Black Terra Rebon series - Han Daynasty.  Designed in 2008.

Art originates from the life state and image of nature that human copy, and finally human consciously refine and change. That is the idea of art. The original Chinese characters and totem began with hieroglyphs.

There are many decorative emblazonries in Han brick, among them the character “回” and“米”are the most impressive. “回” comes from the hieroglyphs of flow and whirlpool of water, symbolizing fortune. “米” derives from the hieroglyphs of ripe millet. For the ruling classes, they hope their people live in abundance, so do the people. Both the two classes share the same wish. It’s easy to achieve the wish for individuals but it’s a great challenge for the ruling classes.

On the surface of this tea beach, there is a blank space left on purpose which is a critical point where the thoughts of the designers, the appreciators and the tea people mingle.

Size: 40x40x3cm

Net Weight: 9Kg

Gross Weight: 12kg

Note:  The products are all hand made and created from a traditional coal kiln after 10 hand kraft procedures lasting about 200 days.  Each product is unique and the color and touch varies to each other.  We cannot guarantee the one you receive is 100% same as the pictures.  We beleive you understand this and we hope you enjoy your time with our terras.