RIPPLE - Coaster Black Terra Reborn series - Qin Dynasty


RIPPLE is another simple but elegent product from master Xu.  The shape and pattern has been used on Chinese traditional architecture for many years, mostly as the decrocation to the first piece of roof tile ridges.

Two pieces as one pair.  Can you used as home coasters for your tea or coffee.  Bring a breeze of Qin dynasty atomospherr to your desk top without spending a fortune.  Touch the texture of ancient Chinese terra, which was used for the Great Wall and many other wall of cities, which was the most important infrustructure for protecting people living in the cities.


Net weight: 340g

Gross weight: 1kg

Note:  The products are all hand made and created from a traditional coal kiln after 10 hand kraft procedures lasting about 200 days.  Each product is unique and the color and touch varies to each other.  We cannot guarantee the one you receive is 100% same as the pictures.  We beleive you understand this and we hope you enjoy your time with our terras.