To Be A Vessel Not Vessel

To Be A Vessel Not Vessel

“What is beyond shape is Dao, and what present shape is Vessles”

《Book of Change》

“Confucius said, a great man is not a Vessel”

《The Analects of Confucius》

“To be a vessel not vessel and be what you need to be”

《To Be A Vessel Not Vessel 》by Poet Bai Juyi

I loved painting when I was a child. At the age of thirty-six, I received a piece of Qin Dynasty Brick, which was used as a pot stand. After some happy and caressing time with the brick, my spirit was inspired by something it brought to me through the time.

Then I was addicted to reproduce the terra things and give them a reborn. I spend time and effort in researching the method of producing the terra products and bough many items from relics market. I managed to build a traditional kiln with traditional process.

In 2017, I occasionally met TianFeng Master at ZhongNan Mountain. TianFeng Master revealed the ultimate status of vessel is No Phase and No Vessel is the Phase, which is a combined spirit Confucianisam and Buddhism.

That gave me some enlightenments. A great artist needs to study the inherent beauty and discover the beauty to achieve perfection. Beauty is something embedded in every human’s life, rich or poor, man or woman, everyone like beauty which lies in different things in their life and gives every human different feeling. I would dedicate to create something with soul and gives everyone a feeling or beauty and bring happiness and harmony to the world.

HaiFeng Xu

Spring 2020 in Xi An

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