Story of Terra Obsesser

Story of Terra Obsesser

Xu Haifeng, known as Terra Obsesser, is the creator of Black Terra Reborn Series. Since 2000, Xu has been committed to the research of recovering Qin and Han dynasty terra and tile production crafts and he has successfully restored and replicate the traditional process of production black terra same as what ancient Chinese people did 3000+ years ago. It took him years to find the correct methodology, material and procedures. He had to sell his apartment to get funds to build an improved kiln to get the job done.


After the technologies and methodologies are proved to be successful, master Xu designed a series of art work using the black terra crafts he recovered with modern daily use functions including many vessels and articles so that people can enjoy the ancient crafts in their daily life.

 Below is the procedures of producing the Black Terra Reborn Series

Expose selected clay to the sun and air to become fermented soil naturally. (90 days)

  1. Grinding fermented soil into soil particles and socking it in water for (30 days).
  2. Squeezing the socked soil particles to form a snake shape clay and seal it up for 15 days.
  3. Make prototype by hands. (5 days)
  4. Make a mold and wait till it is dry. (15days)
  5. Punch the clay to separate it from the mold. (1day)
  6. Shape the clay with wooden knife by hands. (1day)
  7. Dry it in the shade. (45days)
  8. Put them in a traditional wood fired kiln and fire. (15days)
  9. Cooling and bring out of kiln, water scrubbing, annealing and polishing.(5days)
  10. Scrubbing the product with tea water till a layer of patina is formed. (30days)

Totally it takes more than 200 days to finish, the rate of product yield is only 30% so far. Note the 11 steps is not part of production. It is a process of use and enjoying and leaves you unique mark on the article and eventually makes it a personalized home art work.

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